Sunflower Crop Exporters

The National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) does NOT buy or sell sunflower seeds.  
To purchase Canadian-grown confection or oilseed sunflowers please refer to the National Sunflower Association of Canada Buyers & Exporters list.

To be included on our National Sunflower Association of Canada Buyers & Exporters list, contact the NSAC office at 204-745-6776 to register.

Note: These companies are authorized to deduct and remit check-off to NSAC.  NSAC does not endorse any company over another and does not take responsibility for any transactions between these companies and their clients.  It is the personal responsibility of individuals to satisfy themselves that any company they deal with is financially sound.  Questions regarding licensing and security should be directed to the Canadian Grain Commission at 1-800-853-6705 or 1-204-983-2770.


Agri-Tel Grain

Beausejour, Manitoba

Cheryl Senebald
Phone: 204.268.1415 ext. 22
Fax: 204.268.3805

Delmar Commodities

Winkler, MB

Marc Audet
Phone: 204.331.3696
Cell: 204.712.0440


Cargill – West Fargo

West Fargo, North Dakota

John Zietz
Tel: 701.282.1630
Fax: 701.281.1951

CHS, Inc.

Winkler, Manitoba

Derek MacLean
Phone: 204.391.7364
Fax: 204.818.0601

Kalshea Trading

42 Parkroyal Bay
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 1P2 Canada

Darwin Hamilton
Phone: 204.272.3773
Fax: 204.488.0753

Linear Grain

Carman, Manitoba

Roger Kissick
Phone: 204.745.6747
Fax: 204.745-6573

Nestibo Agra Commodity Processors

Deloraine, Manitoba

Don Hardy
Phone: 204.747.2904
Fax: 204.747.3767

Northern Sun, Division of ADM Inc.

5525-136 Avenue SE
Enderlin, North Dakota
58027 USA

Guy Christensen
Phone: 701.437.3000
Fax: 701.437.3010

Pembina Seeds

Morden, Manitoba

John Elias
Phone: 204.822.3609

Paterson Grain

22nd Floor, 333 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 4E2 Canada

George James
Phone: 1.800.667.7423
Fax: 204.943.2455

Red River Commodities, Inc.

501-42nd Street NW
Fargo, North Dakota
58102 USA

Terry Boll (confection)
Paul Gebeke (Birdfood)
Phone: 701.282.2600
Fax: 701.282.5325

Remillard Seed Farm

St. Joseph, Manitoba

Luc Remillard
Phone: 204.737.2376
Fax: 204.737.2092

Seed Ex

Letellier, Manitoba

Roger Barnabe
Phone: 204.737.2000
Fax: 204.737.2102

Scoular Canada Ltd.

Winkler, Manitoba

Ben Friesen
Phone: 204.325.9555
Fax: 204.325.2240


1220 Sunflower Street
Crookston, Minnesota
56716 USA

Tim Petry
Phone: 800.837.5984
Fax: 218.281.6218

Vanderveen Commodities Service Ltd.

Carman, Manitoba

Andy Vanderveen
Phone: 204.745.6444
Fax: 204.745.6535