Cash Advance

MANITOBA CORN GROWERS ASSOCIATION (MCGA) provides Cash Advance loans on most crops grown in Manitoba.

The 2018-2019  Advance Payments Program (APP) forms are now available here.

For 40 years, MCGA has been helping farmers with their cash flow needs by administering the federal Advance Payments Program
offering CASH ADVANCE LOANS on most crops grown in Manitoba. Each producer is entitled to $100,000.00 interest-free and an additional $300,000.00 at prime -1/4%. The totals must be the combined value of all Advances from ALL Administrators.

Visit the Manitoba Corn Growers Association website to download forms.

The Advance Rates for the 2018-2019 production period are:

Alfalfa Seed $0.82/lb
Barley $1.69/bu
Buckwheat $6.34/bu
Camelina $0.08/lb
Canary Seed $4.47/bu
Canola $5.10/bu
Corn (Grain Only) $2.21/bu
Cranberry $0.20/lb
Desi Chick Peas $0.13/lb
Durum $3.12/bu
Faba Beans $0.04/lb
Flax $5.67/bu
Great Northern $0.16/lb
Hay (domestic sales) $58.20/T
Hay (AB) $63.05/T
Hemp Seed $0.27/lb
Honey $0.77/lb
Kabuli Chick Peas $0.16/lb
Kentucky Blue Grass $0.38/lb
Kidney $0.20/lb

Lentils $0.08/lb
Millet $0.04/lb
Mustard $8.25/bu
Mustard Ethiopian $4.40/bu
Oats $1.12/bu
Other Coloured $0.16/lb
Peas (MB Only) $3.16/bu
Pintos $0.16/lb
Rye $1.97/bu
Rye (Fall) $1.97/bu
Ryegrass (Annual) $0.19/lb
Ryegrass (Perennial) $0.29/lb
Soybean $5.02/bu
Sunflower Confects $0.14/lb
Sunflower Oils $0.11/lb
Triticale $1.60/bu
Wheat $2.90/bu
Wheat (Winter) $2.38/bu
White Pea (Navy) $0.15/lb