Canadian Sunflower Grower

The Canadian Sunflower Grower was the official publication of the National Sunflower Association of Canada, Inc.  This publication is no longer produced.

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Winter 2014

Winter 2014

This Winter 2014 issue features the MB Sunflower Variety Trial data, Confection Sunflower Variety Development Initiative project update, Notes from the Field and an article on Breaking Down the Grades of Oilseed Sunflowers.

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Winter 2013

This Winter 2013 issue features the 2013 MB Sunflower Variety Trial data, Sunflower CSFG 2013 coverMarket Outlook, Confection Sunflower Variety Development Initiative project update, Year in Review on Sunflower Disease in 2013 and an article on New Combined Technology for Promoting Sunflower Health and Productivity.

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Winter 2012

This Winter 2012 issue features the 2012 MB Post-Registration Trial data, an in-depth look at contaminents and allergens, Confection Sunflower Variety Developmen Initiative project update and this year’s results of the Sclerotinia Spore trial.

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Spring 2012


This Spring 2012 issue features sunflower agronomy and research being conducted with the NSAC including the details of the Confection Variety Development Initiative, details of the seed quality and seed types need for the various markets, desiccating sunflowers for yield, the effects of frost on sunflowers and a fungicide Q and A.

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Winter 2011


This Winter 2011 issue features the 2011 MB Post-Registration Trial data, an in-depth look at an Alberta producer’s strip till sunflowers, a highlight of the insects that are common to Manitoba sunflower crops including a timelines to assist growers in planning ahead.

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Spring 2011


This Spring 2011 issue features a focus on sunflower agronomy including the evolution of the Surveillance Survey, management techniques for sclerotinia head rot and rust, what to what for this growing season, and a pull-out sunflower scouting and rust identification card.

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Winter 2010


The Winter 2010/11 issue features the 2010 MB Post-Registration Trial data, the results of the Surveillance Survey, and a look back on production issues in 2010 and a discuss on how to combat those problems.

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Spring 2010


The Spring 2010 issue features a focus on sunflower research including articles on strip tillage sunflowers, sunflower rust and preparing for the upcoming year, the changes for the MB Sunflower Surveillance Survey and a special pull-out scouting and insect identification card.

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Winter 2009


The Winter 2009 issue features the results of the 2009 MB Post-Registration Trial data, a look back at the first year of the MB Sunflower Surveillance Survey, a review of the research conducted in 2009 and the progress to date and what the CFIA Variety Registration amendment mean to sunflower producers.

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Spring 2009


The Spring 2009 issue features articles on sunflower insecticides and the effects on honeybees, details on the launch of the Manitoba Sunflower Surveillance Survey, a focus on sunflower rust research and approved project for 2009

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