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Who should join?

  • sunflower crop producers
  • oil type buyers, exporters, processors
  • confection type buyers, exporters, processors
  • sunflower seed industry
  • pesticide manufacturers & dealers

Benefits of joining the National Sunflower Association of Canada

  • sharing sunflower industry news within Canada
  • get the latest in sunflower research information
  • increased exposure of Canada’s sunflower industry
  • increased security of sunflower supply
  • address sunflower industry issues with a unified voice
  • Manitoba sunflowers growers contributing to the Check Off are members of the NSAC & will receive the National Sunflower Association’s magazine Sunflower six times a year.

Producer Members

  • Any producer who contributes to the check-off is a member
  • Any person who wishes to be a member, but does not participate in the check-off can join NSAC for $50 per year.
  • Producer members will receive a subscription to the Sunflower magazine.

Non Check-off producer membership: $50 per year

Corporate Members

The National Sunflower Association of Canada will use the corporate membership as its primary means or sourcing industry support for its activities. Membership dollars will be used to fund grower meetings, summer tour, and our website. Instead of seeking corporate sponsors for each activity, an annual $500 corporate membership paid by all industry members, will fund these activities.

As a Corporate member of NSAC, you will receive the following:

  • Banner ad on the home page of our website
  • Link to your organization’s website by clicking your banner ad
  • Opportunity to feature an ad on NSAC e-newsletter and social media (must be approved messaging by NSAC)
  • Access to utilize NSAC membership list for grower mailout and promotion (mailers to be sent out by the NSAC or third party mailhouse)

Corporate Membership: $500 per year