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In-crop Weed Control in Confectionary Sunflowers

Posted: June 22, 2020

The National Sunflower Association of Canada continues to monitor the weed control options for confectionary sunflowers in Manitoba.

  • NSAC prepared the following newsletter that was circulated last Friday:
  • MB Agriculture and Resource Development is working with FMC to move supplies of Muster Toss-N-Go to Manitoba
    • Muster Toss-N-Go broadleaf herbicide is the only other registered product for broadleaf weed control in conventional sunflowers.  Muster Toss-N-Go, like Assert/Avert is a Group 2 herbicide. It is registered for control of flixweed, hemp-nettle, smartweed (Lady’s thumb), stinkweed, and suppression of redroot pigweed.  It will not have an effect on volunteer canola.
    • IF growers are interested in sourcing the product, growers should contact their local retailer to request product and quantity in order for product to be redistributed accordingly. 
  • NSAC is working with our seed suppliers to determine next steps for 2021 to ensure that growers will have herbicide options for the available commercial hybrids for sale
  • NSAC will continue to work with FMC and monitor the situation regarding the future of Assert.

The Path to August 1, 2020 – Manitoba Crop Alliance Transition Update

Posted: April 20, 2020

April 20, 2020 – Two months have passed since members of five Manitoba commodity groups voted in favor of amalgamation. Communicating activities related to the transition of five Manitoba commodity groups – Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA), Manitoba Corn Growers Association (MCGA), National Sunflower Association of Canada  (NSAC), Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA) and Winter Cereals Manitoba, Inc. (WCMI) – with Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) remains a priority. The five groups and MCA’s board of directors strive to keep members informed as they move towards August 1, 2020, the date Manitoba Crop Alliance becomes operational.

Read more about the interim board of directors, the plan for transition and timelines here.

NSAC update regarding COVID-19

Posted: March 18, 2020

In light of COVID-19 and the current federal and provincial governments announcements, I want to inform you of the measures we have taken at NSAC to do our part in preventing further spread of the virus.

  • Effective Tuesday, March 17, all of our team members will be able to work from home until further notice.
  • While our office is effectively closed, all team members can be contacted by phone or email to respond to the needs of our members, partners and associates.
  • We are increasing the number of virtual team meetings to allay fears, ensure that we continue to manage our business appropriately, and react to any changes to federal and provincial recommendations.

Contact information:
Darcelle Graham, Executive Director

Daryl Rex, Research Technician


Posted: February 25, 2020

We are doing our best to follow government recommendations at this time. Unfortunately the #SeedingSprayingCollege has been POSTPONED to March 24, 2021. All who registered have been refunded and will be offered tickets first for the event next year.

*Hosting commodity groups include Manitoba Wheat & Barley Growers Association, Manitoba Corn Growers Association, Manitoba Canola Growers Association & National Sunflower Association of Canada

NEWS RELEASE: Voting Results on Proposed Amalgamation of Five Manitoba Commodity Groups

Posted: February 14, 2020

Winnipeg, MB – February 13, 2020 – The five Manitoba commodity groups announced today the voting results from the annual general and special meetings (AGSMs) of the National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC), Manitoba Corn Growers Association (MCGA), Winter Cereals Manitoba, Inc. (WCMI), Manitoba Flax Growers Association (MFGA) and Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA) that took place February 12 and 13, 2020.

To read the full news release click here.

Manitoba Crop Alliance – Public Disclosure of Package

Posted: January 6, 2020

To read over the events of the Amalgamation process and For more information click here.

NOTICE: NSAC Annual General & Special Meeting

Posted: December 21, 2019

2020 NSAC Annual General & Special Meeting
Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre, Winnipeg, MB
Wednesday, February 12th, 2020
10:50 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.


  • Call to Order
  • Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting
  • Board of Directors & Executive Director’s Report
  • 2019 Financial Report
    Appointment of Auditors
  • Special Resolution of Members:


In relation to the amalgamation of THE NATIONAL SUNFLOWER ASSOCIATION OF CANADA INC. (the “Association”) and Manitoba CROP ALLIANCE Inc., Manitoba Corn Growers Association Inc., Manitoba Flax Growers
Association Inc., Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association Inc., and WINTER CEREALS MANITOBA INC. (collectively, the “Amalgamating Associations”) and effective August 1, 2020:

the amalgamation of the Association with the Amalgamating Associations
(the “Amalgamation”), substantially on the terms and conditions set forth in the amalgamation agreement presented to the members and posted on the Association’s website (the “Amalgamation Agreement”), is hereby approved; and

the current by-laws of the Association be amended and replaced with the by-laws, as posted on the Association’s website, of the Manitoba Crop Alliance Inc.

  • Election of Directors
  • Other Business
  • Open Discussion & Question Period
  • Adjournment

Registration to the CropConnect Conference is not required to attend the Annual General Meeting.
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