In-crop Weed Control in Confectionary Sunflowers

The National Sunflower Association of Canada continues to monitor the weed control options for confectionary sunflowers in Manitoba.

  • NSAC prepared the following newsletter that was circulated last Friday:
  • MB Agriculture and Resource Development is working with FMC to move supplies of Muster Toss-N-Go to Manitoba
    • Muster Toss-N-Go broadleaf herbicide is the only other registered product for broadleaf weed control in conventional sunflowers.  Muster Toss-N-Go, like Assert/Avert is a Group 2 herbicide. It is registered for control of flixweed, hemp-nettle, smartweed (Lady’s thumb), stinkweed, and suppression of redroot pigweed.  It will not have an effect on volunteer canola.
    • IF growers are interested in sourcing the product, growers should contact their local retailer to request product and quantity in order for product to be redistributed accordingly. 
  • NSAC is working with our seed suppliers to determine next steps for 2021 to ensure that growers will have herbicide options for the available commercial hybrids for sale
  • NSAC will continue to work with FMC and monitor the situation regarding the future of Assert.