Sunflower Harvest Prep

Now is the time to start thinking about harvest and getting equipment and dryers ready. Below are a few tips and reminders.

Maturity: The sunflower plant is physiologically mature when the back of the head has turned from green to yellow (although stay-green hybrids may stay green longer) and the bracts are turning brown (Stage R-9) about 30 to 45 days after bloom, and seed moisture is about 35%. Generally, when the head turns brown on the back, seeds are usually ready for harvest.

Common threshing mistake: Waiting to harvest and seeds become too dry and shell out. Combine at 14- 15% moisture and use air/dry down to under 10% moisture. Waiting too long to harvest can result in excessive field losses. Use of a dryer is also a good way to dry down sunflowers.

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