NSAC Funded Research Programs

2017 Approved Sunflower Research

Sunflower research in Canada is very minimal, therefore one of the top priorities of National Sunflower Association of Canada is to fund research activities that will provide growers the information to better understand and respond to crop limiting factors. In 2017, the NSAC has had to scale back on research funding because of a decrease in check-off revenues.

Confection Sunflower Variety Development Initiative 
Funded in part with AgriInnovation Program, ARDI and WGRF
Principal Researchers: Mike Hagen, Darcelle Graham
Project  Description – An initiative to develop and market new confection seed varieties for Canadian sunflower producers. The project has the goal to provide growers access to new seed varieties that have characteristics specifically suited for northern growing conditions.

Cold Pressed Sunflower in Manitoba – $5,000
Funded in part with MAHRN

Project Description – The NSAC partnered with MAHRN to characterize, produce and test market cold-pressed sunflower oil. Oilseed sunflower seed of the same variety grown at up to three locations in Manitoba as required to crush and characterize the test oil.

Manitoba Sunflower Variety Performance Trials – in-kind support by NSAC
The Manitoba Sunflower Variety Performance Trials are organized and conducted by the National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) in co-ordination with Manitoba Agriculture. The varieties that appear in these trials are hybrids sunflower breeding companies are actively pursuing or marketing in Manitoba.

NSA Sunflower Survey – in-kind support by NSAC
Project Description – In conjunction  with the National Sunflower Association of the U.S., a survey is conducted  surveying 1 field for every 10,000 acres. Survey teams assess Sunflower fields  for yield, weeds, insects, disease and bird damage.  The survey will provide growers with a North American prospective of the  Sunflower crop.  Data results are published on the NSA Website www.sunflowernsa.com\