Sunflower Variety Performance Trials

The Manitoba Sunflower Variety Performance Trials are organized and conducted by the National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) in co-ordination with Manitoba Agriculture. The varieties that appear in these trials are hybrids sunflower breeding companies are actively pursuing or marketing in Manitoba. These varieties may be in the experimental stage or registered under with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in Canada.

Manitoba SUNFLOWER Variety Performance Trial Results – Full Data Report

Registering Sunflower Varieties in CANADA

The process for registering a sunflower variety is as follows:

  • Fill out the Variety Registration Application Form (You will find the link to the form at the bottom of the page). NOTE: Sunflower fall under PART III of the registration system and therefore only Appendix ii needs to be completed
  • Fill out the Sunflower Objective Description Form
  • Submit payment depending on area of registration (fees listed on Appendix iii on Variety Registration application form)
  • Submit all three items to the Variety Registration Office for review.

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