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The National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) is a national, non-for profit, producer-funded organization that works on behalf of the sunflower growers of Canada to promote and expand the industry, both internationally and domestically.  The NSAC represents approximately 350 producers of both confectionary and oilseed sunflowers throughout the Prairie Provinces.

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MB Sunflower Crop Report – September 19

Posted: September 22, 2014

Observations over the past week are showing that 65-70% of the sunflower crop has reached the R-9 stage, 15-20% are in R-8 stage and the last 10-15% are at the R-7 stage. Therefore, 20-30% of the sunflower crop is very susceptible to a killing frost.

Report includes frost update and harvest considerations.

To read the full report, click Sept 19 2014 MB Sunflower Crop Report

How to determine Sunflower Moisture Content?

Posted: September 17, 2014

Is there another method to determine if sunflowers are ready to desiccate?

The answer is “yes”. This season many sunflower fields are not showing ALL the typical characteristics for physiological maturity, particularly brown bracts. Therefore, how can you tell if the sunflower seed moisture content is 30-35% moisture?

Click here to read our Sunflower Mositure Content Bulletin

Frost Impact on Sunflowers

Posted: September 10, 2014

With frost forecasted in the upcoming nights, read the bulletin below regarding maturity and the impacts of a frost on sunflowers.

“A killing frost in sunflowers is considered to be -4 to -5° C for 6 or more hours, as this low temperature for the extended period is required to penetrate the thick layer in the back of the sunflower head and start the dry down process.”

2014 Sept Frost and Sunflowers

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