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The National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) is a national, non-for profit, producer-funded organization that works on behalf of the sunflower growers of Canada to promote and expand the industry, both internationally and domestically.  The NSAC represents approximately 350 producers of both confectionary and oilseed sunflowers throughout the Prairie Provinces.

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Register for the Farmer Exclusive day at Crop Diagnostic School

Posted: June 15, 2015

The National Sunflower Association is pleased to support the Farmer Exclusive day at Crop Diagnostic School on July 17th.

The registration fee is $125/person, which includes lunch and the daily session begins at 8:30am (registration from 8:00 – 8:30am) and is completed by 4:30pm.

Crop Management issues change from year to year and we have designed the lessons in the school reflect the on-going challenges that Manitoba deal with while growing their crops:

  • weed identification,
  • herbicide impact on weeds and crops,
  • insect scouting/identification,
  • plant disease identification,
  • staging and timing for fungicide use and when/when not to use fungicides
  • fertilizer and impact on various crops, rescue treatments and assessment of soil productivity
  • special topics in 2015 will also look at use of plant growth regulators and fertilizing high yielding wheat for protein

We would like to ask you to help us promote the 2015 Crop Diagnostic School to your farm members for the July 17th session where we will be focused on how to use the lessons shown on producers farms to increase their productivity.  If you have a newsletter or email going out to your producers, if you could put some information in on the Crop Diagnostic School, that would be great!

 Registration: contact Monika at (204) 745-5663 or email monika.menold@gov.mb.ca. Online link at http://www.cropdiagnostic.ca/.  Feel free to use information I provided above on the lessons too as that might pique interest.

The Effects of Rainfall on Sunflower Herbicide Efficacy

Posted: June 2, 2015

Submitted by: Troy Turner

Every year when growers are filling their sprayers they ask themselves, “I wonder what the rainfastness is on this product?” and, “What does rainfastness really mean?”

The definition of “Rainfastness” according to the Guide to crop Protection is as follows:

The term “Rainfastness” refers to the time needed between application and rainfall to avoid significant reduction in efficacy. Rainfall shortly after application of most post-emergent herbicides may reduce weed control. Effects will vary with products, the interval between spraying and rainfall and the intensity and duration of the rainfall. These guidelines are based on label information. Use the longest time interval on the component products when considering tank mixes.

Below is a Rainfast chart for the most commonly used post emergent sunflower herbicides:

Effects of Rainfall on Sunflower Herbicides
Broadleaf Products Required Interval
Assert (Imazamethabenz) 6 Hours
Solo (imazamox) 3 Hours
Express SG ( Tribenuron) 1 Hour
Grass Products Required Interval
Sethoxydim-  (Poast Ultra) 1 Hour
Clethodim -(Centurion,Select,Arrow, Shadow) 1 Hour
Quizalofop- (Assure II) 1 Hour
* referenced from Guide to Crop Protection

Sunflower seedlings and Frost?

Posted: May 8, 2015

Soil and weather conditions were optimal for sunflower planting over the last 10-12 days.  However, late this week temperatures are now dipping into overnight lows with below 0 overnight. This has prompted a number of calls regarding frost and it effects on emerging seedlings.

Click here to read the special bulletin on low spring temperatures and the temperatures emerging sunflowers can withstand.

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