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The National Sunflower Association of Canada (NSAC) is a national, non-for profit, producer-funded organization that works on behalf of the sunflower growers of Canada to promote and expand the industry, both internationally and domestically.  The NSAC represents approximately 350 producers of both confectionary and oilseed sunflowers throughout the Prairie Provinces.

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“BEE”-friendly when applying insecticides in Sunflowers

Posted: July 20, 2015

Bee and sunflower

REMINDER: Producers are encouraged to take the appropriate steps to reduce risk to honey bees when spraying insecticides. This is for the benefit of both sunflower growers and beekeepers.

Important steps include:
1. Scout fields for seed damaging insects and beneficial insects, only apply insectides if necessary.
2. Spray in the evening when honey bees have returned to the hive and communicate with bee keepers.
3. Select insecticides that provide effective control of the targeted pests while minimizing impact on bees.
4. Communicate with beekeepers in your area. Honeybees can increase both the number and weight of sunflower seeds through increased pollination

Sunflower Disease. What could be lurking in your 2015 sunflower crop?

Posted: July 3, 2015

Many of the early seeded sunflowers are now beginning to reach the end of their vegetative stages and moving into reproductive growth stages. It is at this time that sunflower become vulnerable to diseases that can harm your yields and quality. Once your sunflowers have reached the R-1 stage, it is time to begin watching for signs of rust.

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